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WebEx Event Center

Engage your audience with large online events and high-impact webinars

Creative Conferenicing make it easy to run large-scale events or manage webinars with WebEx Event Center™. Specially developed features and tracking tools enable you to run online events with maximum impact and effect.

​Interact with attendees via online presentations and video, and work on shared content in real time. Keep your event lively and interesting with polling, threaded Q&A, and chat. Display up to five panelists at a time, or one speaker in full-screen view — all with integrated Creative Conferencing audio and high-quality video.

Creative Conferencing provide full training and support for WebEx Event Center ensuring you will get the very best from the service.

- Deliver marketing and sales presentations to up to 3,000 users
​- Multimedia and application sharing
- Private preparation roomThreaded Q&A, chat, polling, and attention-monitoring features
- High-quality video (360p) and voice conferencing with Creative Conferencing fully integrated quality audio conferencing
- Customisable registration, lead tracking and campaign management
- Record your webinars and play back on-demand

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