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Convenient Learning

New products and processes can be rolled out to your organisation in days rather than months. Continued education is made more convenient for users by allowing users to attend training sessions virtually in real-time or enabling users to watch on-demand training sessions when they are available.

Interact with your audience

Engage participants with online presentations and video. Keep your training interactive by using the feedback tools, polling, threaded Q&A and chat features. Display the webcams of up to six panellists, or have one speaker’s web cam in full-screen view – all with integrated Creative Conferencing audio.

Measure, evaluate, and improve

Throughout your training sessions you will be able to identify whether learners are engaged and listening due to innovative quick-response and attention-monitoring features. After the session you will be able to access detailed reports and data that you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your training programme.

Count on Cisco security, reliability and performance

Creative Conferencing deliver WebEx Event Center through the Cisco WebEx cloud – a highly available platform with unrivalled performance. The Cisco WebEx Cloud guarantees the highest level of enterprise security; furthermore there is no expensive hardware to purchase and
no complex software to install.